Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, there are few who haven’t at least tried this smart LLM (Large Language Model) once. However, ChatGPT is not the only LLM and may no longer be the best.

LLaMA 3 is a large language model released by Meta AI on April 18, 2024. The main advantage of LLaMA is that Meta continues to make the model available as open source. Moreover, LLaMA aims to provide more capabilities in text generation, paraphrasing, rewriting, summarizing, and sentence expansion. Overall, LLaMA 3 seems to be a better tool than ChatGPT-4 when it comes to e.g. creative writing since you can use it offline. The LLaMA 3 model has three different sizes: 8B, 70B, and 400B. While the 8B and 70B models of LLaMA 3 have already been released, the 400B model is still in the training phase. The LLaMA 3 model was trained with high-quality data in over 30 languages, including English. This means that you can also handle multilingual tasks, such as translations, with the LLaMA 3 model. The LLaMA 3 model has more advanced reasoning and coding abilities than its predecessor, LLaMA 2. As a result, the LLaMA 3 model can analyze basic and intermediate coding inputs and generate corresponding outputs.

However, when it comes to obtaining general information in a structured way, ChatGPT is still unbeatable. LLaMA can make mistakes when answering questions, which is like talking to a six-year-old child. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a mature system that structures and verifies information more effectively.

But children learn fast, and they are open to new things.