Finally, positive news for everyone who has a panicky fear of AI and especially of deep fakes. The resolution proposed by the USA calls for global cooperation in the field of AI. The American UN ambassador emphasized that the countries supporting the initiative do not want to allow “artificial intelligence to take control over humans.”

The document was proposed by the USA and supported by 120 countries as co-authors.
Of course, this is only a first attempt to regulate the ‘great unknown’, and certainly many more regulations will follow. However, it is already reassuring that the importance of data protection-compliant AI has been recognized by decision-makers.

“The innovative resolution adopted today strengthens the global consensus regarding safe, reliable, and trustworthy AI systems—systems that promote sustainable development and respect fundamental freedoms,” stated Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN. She noted that the countries of the world “have decided to manage AI and not let it manage people.”

The document, as the diplomat explained, contains a call to expand the participation of developing countries in digital transformation; to implement measures for respecting intellectual property rights, ensuring the protection of personal data, as well as transparency, predictability, and reliability of AI operations; and to ensure that all automated decisions and associated processes are supervised by humans.